Use condoms every time you have sex. Everyone who uses or ever plans on using condoms should know more than just the desire to have sex. Condoms are a very effective form of birth control if used properly. No matter what a big sex machine you think you are, every man or woman should read at least once in their life time (preferably before ever having intercourse for the first time) information below so you can have the full potential of this rubber protection.

You should know that condoms have to Prezervatyvai be handled with care. Store at room temperature and in a dry place. Exposure to direct light or sunlight can damage latex, the material which condoms are typically made of. Never expose condoms to excessive heat. Use a new condom every time you have intercourse. Remember, condoms are not reusable. Do not use scissors or teeth when opening a condom package. If the condom is brittle or sticky throw it away. Condoms also have an expiration date printed on the pack or wrapper so don’t forget to keep this in mind. If a condom is expired do not use it.

Once you have a condom out of its wrapper simply pinch the tip of the condom between your thumb and forefinger. This will leave an empty space to collect semen at the end of the condom. Place the unrolled condom against the tip of the hard penis. This must be done before any other contact between the penis and any part of your partner’s body. Any body fluids like saliva, urine, lesions and feces can contain STD bacteria. Simply unroll the condom down to the base of the penis. For non-circumcised penises, pull the foreskin back before putting the condom on.

Many condoms nowadays come slightly pre-lubricated but it doesn’t mean you should not use additional lubrication to enhance the sensation. Remember never use any personal lubricants other than water or silicone-based lubes. Oil-based and any other sex lubes will damage the latex by weakening latex condom, making them more likely to leak or break. Damaged condoms won’t do you much good because they won’t protect you and your partner. So don’t forget to use additional lubricant that will reduce the risk of condom breakage during intercourse. Personal lubricants can be applied to the outside and to the inside tip of a condom. In case the condom breaks during intercourse stop immediately and pull the penis out.

As soon as you ejaculate hold onto the base of the condom tightly while pulling out you still hard penis. This will prevent the condom from slipping off and will keep any fluids from spilling.