In cities worldwide, the painting industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation thanks to the rise of smart technologies. These advanced tools, ranging from color-matching apps to digital project management software, empower painters everywhere to work more efficiently and deliver stunning results that meet the expectations of modern customers. We spoke with several local painting companies:

“We, as specialists at Schilder Den Bosch, embrace the digital revolution in the painting industry. The use of advanced color-matching apps, project management software, and augmented reality allows us to work more efficiently and deliver stunning results that meet the expectations of our modern customers.”

The Digital Revolution in the Painting World

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology as painters benefit from advanced color-matching apps. By using sophisticated algorithms and cameras, painters can accurately determine the exact color of a surface. No more hassle with color swatches and test pots— with a simple scan, painters can choose the right paint color for a perfect match instantly.

Working More Efficiently with Digital Tools

In addition to color-matching apps, digital tools enable painters to organize their work more efficiently, wherever they are. Project management software simplifies project planning, inventory tracking, and streamlining communication with clients. This digital revolution not only saves time but also increases accuracy and improves collaboration between painters and their clients.

The Art of Augmented Reality

A fascinating aspect of technological advancement in the painting industry is the use of augmented reality (AR). Painters can now project virtual colors and designs onto walls, providing clients with a realistic preview of the end result. This not only enhances decision-making for clients but also allows painters to work with precision and confidence, knowing the final result will meet expectations.

Sustainability in Paint Selection

In the pursuit of sustainability, painters have access to technological tools that assist them in choosing environmentally friendly types of paint, wherever they are. Apps and platforms provide information on the ecological impact of different paint brands and types, enabling painters to make informed choices that benefit not only aesthetics but also the environment.

Training and Education in the Digital World

The rise of smart technologies has also changed the way painters are trained, regardless of their location. Online training, virtual workshops, and educational apps enable painters to hone their skills without the need for physical presence at training locations. This flexibility contributes to continuous professional development in a rapidly evolving industry.

Future Perspectives

While we witness the current integration of smart technologies into the painting industry, it is intriguing to speculate on future developments. Perhaps drones will be deployed for inspections in hard-to-reach places, or advanced robotics can assist painters with repetitive tasks. The possibilities seem endless, contributing globally to the rejuvenation of the painting industry.


The painting industry is undergoing a global digital revolution, driven by smart technologies that transform the way painters work and the results they achieve. From color-matching apps to augmented reality and sustainability information, these technological advancements open new doors for craftsmanship and creativity, anywhere in the world. As painters continue to benefit from these innovations, the industry remains progressive, irrespective of geographic location.