Are you sure that your dating site profile photo corresponds to your image? If you (for example) looking for a work – choose the photo carefully! Employers often looking for information about potential workers in Social Networks. Let’s analyze of mistakes that people makes in Social Networks when they place profile photo.

Profile-photo: photo of another people Fotograf Nunta some famous people photo or photo of any man in girl’s profile); some picture instead of photo; your photo modified beyond recognition by graphics editor; your face closed by your hands.
You think: I very enigmatic and creative people!
But people think about you: can I trust this people? It is secretive people! And he/she don’t want play the game.

Better. If you will place picture or other people photo instead of yours, then site moderators will delete such picture. Try to place your photo. You can modify it but not hard. You can (for example) correct color of the clothes or remove shadow. Closed face (by hands, tissue or sunglasses) subconsciously shows that you hide something. Therefore, try not to close your face and look into the lens.

Profile-photo: low quality photo. Unsuccessful pose or camera angle. You turn away or look back. Shadow on your face. Very small photo. Picture blurred.
You think: Whatever! This is only photo! I looked better in a life.
People think about you: This people is dissatisfied with the way he look. He is a notorious. He dislike oneself.

Better: Don’t place your bad photo to profile. Try to find something better. If you have not good quality photos, don’t hurry. In this case, go without photo first time, but make it at soon. Photograph one another with your friends or your darlings. If you think that you are not photogenic, then you may to contact with studio or professional photographer.

It happens also that nice people place unsuccessful photo in profile, but they have many more successful photos where they looked much better. Show your photos to your friends and they will help you to choose best photos for your profile. At least, you will get some variants.

Profile-photo: your childish picture.
You think: Look at me! I so cutie!
People think about you: He/She is not matured? May be this people is dissatisfied with his/her life? May be he/she is displeased with oneself in present time?

Better. To place your latest photo is not necessarily (if you don’t like your latest photo). Choose from your adult photos from that life period, when you felt yourself confidently, successful, happily. For example, the photo during love, successful holiday’s trip or some any banquet. You can simply to choose one of your favorite photos. Better if your looks on photos have not difference from your looks at present time. But if you was photographed 10 years ago – make new photos. Smile!

Profile-photo: you dress unusual clothes on photo (for example, you are looks like a punk or you dress a Gypsy costume).
You think: I great original!I did not like everything!
People think about you: Strange people. He don’t know code of conduct. He/She have not sense of proportion.

Better. If you wear black Gothic clothes or you wear dreadlocks – all right. But if you wear business suit to work then choose another photo. Your looks on the photo must look the part with your everyday image. If you wear jeans and sneakers everyday, then don’t need to be photographed in slack suit.

Of course, all of people like to change image. Any people have several masks. Other people want to know who they will see at the meeting (you). Take picture in your Casual Wear. If you have several bright images choose your favorite one for profile photo.