This is the first article in a series of articles I’m doing on SEO.

So let’s start from the beginning and clarify the term”SEO” and what it is

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization ”

Ok! But what does that actually mean?

It’s a traffic strategy so you can get higher search rankings for your website on GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, etc. for certain popular keywords that people are looking for.

So what are the benefits of SEO?

You get FREE targeted traffic to your website from Google, Yahoo, Msn and other search engines out there.
Once you get your website ranked on the search engines for a specific keyword you are targeting, the FREE traffic is ongoing which means:
The traffic keep coming in…….The leads keep coming in…….The customers keep coming in……..You continue to build your downline.
There are literally millions of dollars in potential traffic available.
There is absolutely no risk! SEO is Free, you don’t pay for the listing compared to PPC (Pay Per Click or Google AdWords). So you don’t ever get into dept doing it, the only thing you risk is your time. This is a very important aspect for a lot of people trying to get a business going on the Internet.
Just to get this straight, with SEO You get your listings on the Natural search results which on Google are to the left compared to PPC (The sponsored links) which are on the right.

Now there’s one thing that’s very important to understand about SEO and that is, generally speaking people tend to trust the natural search results (on the left) compared to PPC because it says, “Sponsored links”.

A company called have been tracing peoples eye movements when they search on Google and they found that the majority of the attention is on the left side and what that means is that on the top 1-2 positions there is 3-4 times the traffic that’s going there than on PPC. Now that doesn’t mean PPC is no good, it’s great and you can get great results from PPC, but the potential of getting more traffic from the natural searches are much higher.

So let’s take a look on SEO vs. AdWords (PPC)

Pay Per Click:

Costs money $$$$$:

$00.3 to $10 per click

Ongoing maintenance:

You have to keep up with what’s going on on Google so you don’t get slapped,You have to keep learning and growing to make PPC a successful strategy.

High competition:

Others can knock you off #1 just by paying more and you lose that traffic.


Instant traffic within 15 minutes, Forces you to optimize for conversions because every click costs money.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Rank for high value keywords

The difference between high value and high traffic keywords is that there are a lot of keywords that will give you a lot of traffic but not necessarily bring you any money. SEO efforts focus on keywords that converts to money, leads and distributors for your business

Difficult for others to overtake your position.

They can’t buy their way up there, they have to do the work and the cool thing about SEO is it’s not obvious how to get your website ranked up there, so once you’ve figured it out your competitors then have to learn what you spent so much time learning and in many cases they have to do SEO better that you because you have a lead start on them.