There was a time when there seemed to be hundreds of on-line companies providing search engine optimization or SEO services and most of them survived because the Google rules were meant to be broken. But in 2012 Google Launched what is known as Google Penguin and the mythical aquatic bird changed everything.

Back in the glory days, 2010, and even 2011 companies could push out keyword heavy articles that made about as much sense as reading a Shakespeare sonnet backwards. They could literally write whatever they wanted because the only part of the content that was actually visible to anyone except the web programmer was the first paragraph. Everything after the first paragraph was never seen because it was hidden in the programming of the website.

These types of old-school tactics led to some very odd search results. Someone would be searching for a new toy for their kids and end up on a website intended for mature audiences only. And given the fact that Google always had a vision of creating searches that were extremely relevant to what the searcher was seeking they sought to put an end to SEO hi-jinks.

So now, in the world of Google Penguin SEO writers must adhere to a strict set of rules in order for their web content to be deemed suitable for all audiences. Which means it is very important to hire content writers who understand exactly what Google likes and doesn’t like.

Companies that hire fly-by-night content providers run the risk of serious penalties from Google that could lead to having their sites un-indexed. This means that the powerful Google bots will skip that website and keep the content hidden from their search engines. This means the coveted organic search results will be much harder to come by for anyone who violates the new algorithm.

High quality web content writers know the new SEO rules and are highly skilled at creating articles that will help a website get discovered in searches and also make sense. These articles are written to not only enhance web traffic, but to also enhance the overall user experience for the person who finds the article. Many people find it odd that content should be relevant, but that is the strange world of 2013.

Search engine optimization techniques can be used in web copy, on-line articles, and blogs. When used properly people don’t even realize they are reading something that was meant to draw them to the website. They actually think they are reading something that was meant to be read. Well, that is true if the company providing the content has the skills required to create compelling, relevant, and entertaining SEO content.