Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important channels to market your business online but while you carry out all activities, there is one thing that you have to be particularly careful about and that is avoiding Google penalties or sandboxing.

Google is the most used and preferred search engine around the globe. Google optimization would be an integral part of your SEO strategy, hence it is important that you are in the good books of the search engine. However in search of the top ranking, most people tend to overlook the possibilities of their site incurring penalties and end up paying a heavy price for the same. Here are a few tips to ensure that you can keep away problems with Google.

Link Carefully: When you are placing links on your site for another site or vice versa, be careful that you are confident about the other domain being involved in ethical activities. At times affiliations to black hat SEO practitioners can be the reason for your downfall. So it is very important to build links and place links very carefully.

Error 404: In case you have pages that are missing on your website, you might find yourself paying a huge price for it. The reason is that most of the times you site will divert that page to your HostSite which can be a bad sign for the search engines because it breaks down the relevance of your site.

Finally, you can look at Google’s webmaster guidelines and also ensure that you have a good amount of access to their help forum. In this way you can avoid Google penalty and ensure that your SEO process goes smoothly. Ensure that your Google optimization plans aren’t affected due to the wrong reasons, select a professional SEO India company for effective results and best prices.